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You won’t believe this, but Bernie Sanders won the state of Oregon last night. (Real fucking shocker there, I know.) Anyway, Bernie has no realistic mathematical shot at securing the delegates needed to win the Democratic nomination, AND some his supporters are now openly threatening people, because that’s what always happens with hippies when the drugs wear off. And with Donald Trump now plotting to stage a GOP convention that would make Leni Reifenstahl blush, it’s probably time for Bernie to get the fuck out of the way before Nadering all over this 2016 election. (That’s what I say, anyway—Marchman disagrees!) This is the subject of this week’s Deadcast.

But if you hate politics, fear not. We talk about other crap too, including the Cavs playoff run, pregnancy tests, disgusting public seats, the NBA draft, and Resting Dad Face. Also, I must apologize to you, the Deadcast listener, for the two prior Deadcasts, both of which included Marchman and me discussing leftover salad. That was due to a mistake that is too long and boring to explain. But I assure you that this week’s Deadcast is 100% salad-free.


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