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Betrayed Lover Weaponizes Game of Thrones Spoilers

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A now-deleted Reddit tale of sweet revenge after infidelity:


That’s some tiny text, so here’s a summary: girl and boy fall in love, girl introduces guy to Game of Thrones, girl and guy bond over mutual obsession with the show, guy eventually cheats on girlfriend, girlfriend spurns him and blocks him on every social platform, guy is desperate to reconcile, girl unblocks him and guy eagerly anticipates her forgiveness, girl instead blasts him with Game of Thrones spoilers, week after week, using different apps and different phone numbers each time.

This has to be the most persistent and innovative use of spoilers I’ve seen, and a spectacular way to exact revenge. But there’s competition. You know the name pronunciation guide that Facebook has? The feature that lets you explain your name phonetically in a little box on your profile? Someone I know used it to spell out the most classic Harry Potter spoiler, making it visible to anyone who seeks out basic information about him. One of our staffers had a high school teacher who threatened to blurt out movie spoilers when unruly students wouldn’t settle down.

It appears that spoilers are a good way to punish or police other people’s bad behavior. If ever confronted by a home invader, consider setting down the baseball bat and threatening to divulge crucial Suits plot details instead.

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