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My guest for Episode 2 of my new Ask a Clean Person podcast was Gawker’s own Dayna Evans, who joined me to talk about her calendar obsession, and the trials and tribulations of making the move from a day planner to digital scheduling. We agreed that there was just something about the siren’s call of the old-fashioned paper list. Handwriting! We still like it—which is kinda funny for two bloggers.


Even with our shared love of pen and paper, we spent a lot of time discussing moving between a paper and digital world when it comes to our scheduling, and how the use of apps and email reminders can be fantastic tools for creating and maintaining a cleaning schedule, and for creating home-care habits where none existed.

Speaking of good home-care habits! Dayna revealed that she is a hero to us all because she stays right on top of her New Yorker pile (and I revealed that I don’t believe anyone actually reads the New Yorker). Mail and magazine piles are a whole other subject for a whole other day, because I grew up with mail-hoarding parents, and I have A LOT OF ISSUES TO WORK OUT about that fact.

We also shared a great reader tip to help with shower-drain maintenance, but you’ll have to listen to find out what it is! Which you can do here or download the podcast over at the iTunes store.

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