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Cleancast: The Scourge Of Moths And Glitter

My guest this week on the official Ask a Clean Person podcast is Kate McKean, a vice president and agent at the Howard Morhaim Literary Agency. Kate, who often represents crafty types who want to turn their work into book projects, joined me to talk about two invasive species: moths and glitter.

This was such a fun one, because it gave me a chance to talk about two reoccurring Ask a Clean Person phenomena: my inability to write about insect-related topics without scratching the skin clear off my body, and the weird thing that happens when I get a cluster of extremely specific questions in a short period of time. I wrote about this back when this column still ran on sister-site Jezebel and a spate of gasoline-on-clothes emails landed in my inbox all at once.


As promised, I’m including here a link to Haley Pierson-Cox’s incredibly detailed post entitled Clothes Moths: How to Save Your Yarn Stash, Fabric, Wardrobe, and Sanity During an Infestation. If you have, or acquire, a moth problem, that should be your first stop because, seriously, Haley covers everything.

Back at the ranch, Kate and I managed to cover a ton of stuff, too, including Mercury in retrograde; college-dorm pranks; glittered Silly Putty; and how I’m a Stevie, not a Christine.

I also said one of the grossest things I’ve said in a long time. But you have to listen to find out what it is! Which you can do here, or download the podcast over at the iTunes store.


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