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Do You Even Know If You're Registered To Vote Yet?

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

The Presidential Election—and the blessed end to this interminable campaign cycle—is finally close enough to start worrying about important deadlines passing. And so, sort of in honor of National Voter Registration Day (which is a real thing that is apparently today) and mostly because the debate last night should have shocked anyone with a pulse into action, we’re here to encourage you to figure out if you’re properly registered to vote. This is the absolute bare minimum of what you should be doing.

Just go to this handy website—literally—and go through the prompts. If you already registered, the government probably mailed you a big packet of information about your polling place. Which means that if you’re an organized adult who doesn’t throw away large envelopes from the government (or you’re an organized adult who would never do anything that would inspire the government to mail you a large envelope) this will not be new information. Do you remember if you registered to vote within a reasonable time frame that is less than or equal to however long you’ve lived at your current residence? If yes, then you don’t really need this website. But maybe you forgot! Maybe you’re almost certain you’ve registered but that envelope line really threw you for a loop cause you did just trash a big pile of Sports Illustrated magazines the other day, and it’s possible the polling place information was in there. No shame in that. If you did, please—seriously, please, this election is important—at least take the time to double check.


Look at that, you are registered! What a relief, now you can stop doing this and get back to whatever you were doing or, better yet, do nothing. Or maybe you’re not yet registered, in which case this other handy website has got your back. Go on and register, it really is the least you can do.

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