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Do You Wash Your Jeans?

Photo: Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images
Photo: Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Prepare for a master course in denim care and cleaning.


Deadspin’s own Dvora Meyers joined me to talk all about denim, which was great, because she explained her interesting relationship with denim on the show. Would that we all had such interesting relationships with denim.

Here’s what I covered in my 87th episode:

  • How to get gum and other sticky shit off of jeans;
  • When, why, and how often to wash (or not wash) your jeans;
  • The general dos and don’ts of denim care;
  • Why you might choose hand vs. machine washing, air vs. machine drying, dry cleaning, freezing or never washing your jeans;
  • How to treat common stains on jeans used for yard work (paint, grease, heavy soiling from literal soil, etc.);
  • Tips for ensuring your good denim—the stuff you wear to the club—stays looking great for a long, long time.

Should you prefer to consume words with your eyes rather than your ears, here’s the monster jeans post I mentioned in the episode.

Over in the bonus episode, I have an exciting work-related update! We also talked about our accents and my plans to shoot guns in Dallas with Billy Haisley.

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Jolie Kerr is a cleaning expert, advice columnist and the host of the podcast Ask a Clean Person

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