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Does Your Lady Watch You Pee, Just ‘Cause She’s Curious?

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Our guest this week, New York magazine’s Maureen O’Connor, watches all her dudes pee.


And she asks them questions while she’s watching, which is why she’s the world’s greatest podcast guest. Man, the enthusiasm with which Maureen declared, “Every day I discover a new terrible thing about men!” thrilled me to my core.


So yeah, this episode is all about pee. More specifically, pee dribbles. Do you know that there’s a formal term for pee dribbles?! There is, and I’m utterly delighted by it because I’m utterly delighted by the oddest things in life: Post-micturition dribble or urinary dribble is the proper way to refer to the problem at hand.

Here are the topics we covered in this, our 77th episode:

  • Treating urine stains on clothing, big and small (i.e. what to do, regardless of whether you fully wet your pants (it happens!) or just dribble a lil bit);
  • How to prevent pee dribble through behavioral changes;
  • What to do to strengthen your dick to keep pee dribbling from getting worse as you age;
  • All the different ways men are whipping their wangs out to pee.

Do you guys want to tell me and Maureen about the details of how you manage your pants and underwear and hands when you pee? BECAUSE WE ARE HONESTLY LISTENING! Tell us in the comments. Also, before you answer, pay attention to how you’re actually peeing because Dave literally discovered in the course of recording that he doesn’t actually pee the way he thinks he pees! (We let Dave take pee breaks.)

Before we got into all the urinary fun, Maureen had a question about cleaning a ballcap, and I was more than happy to oblige her with an answer. There’s also a tip for men about removing makeup stains from clothing.

Over in the bonus episode, Dave explains the thing he learned about the way he pees, Maureen and I had a million more questions. Then, Dave and I have questions for Maureen about porn, and sharing porn (remember the question I asked you guys about last week?), and fact-checking porn, and bookmarking porn, and VR porn, and oh God, so many questions about porn. In fairness, if you have a Friend of the Podcast who writes articles like this, you ask her all your questions about porn.


Also, fair is fair; later this summer or in the fall we will for sure address female bathroom behavior. Do you have questions? LOL why am I asking, I know you have questions. Drop ‘em in the comments.

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Jolie Kerr is a cleaning expert, advice columnist and the host of the podcast Ask a Clean Person

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