My guest this week on the official Ask a Clean Person podcast is Freddy Hernandez, a/k/a Tavarish, of Jalopnik fame, who joined me in the studio to lend his expertise to more of the messes you all are making of your cars. And boy, are you ever making some messes!

In the first segment, we took a question about what’s the most common question I’m asked when it comes to cars. You can probably guess what it is! (It is barf, you guys. It’s always barf with me, isn’t it?) We also helped out this poor gal.


In the second segment, we tackled a question involving a massive Rain-X spill that seeped from the trunk all the way out to the back seats. Yikes! I also asked Freddy what cleaning and maintenance products he keeps in his trunk, which turned out to be a great question! You can hear his answer, and the rest of the episode, here, as well as over at iTunes or Acast, where you can also subscribe.

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