Big news: Drake is swole now. He’s also dating Serena Williams, who bench-presses him after she makes him run sprints until he pukes. But if you think Serena is the only reason his guns have grown, you’re dead wrong. For Aubrey Graham, fitness is simply a lifestyle.

The people over at Vice had a fitness professional of some sort take a look into Drake’s gym routine to critique his technique, but the thing is, many of the photos analyzed are old. His newfound fitness is not newfound at all: It’s simply an extension of his day-to-day life, as documented by his various social-media accounts.

Drake keeps his biceps in check by curling while looking in the mirror and flexing while his buddy takes a photo:

He focuses on hand-eye coordination and stamina by playing one-man baseball in camo pants:


Fitness is all about mindset, so Drake always wears clothes that make him look fit, such as a Michael Jordan jersey in the club:

It’s important to keep a strong core, and kegel exercises (pictured below) are key:


Getting in shape doesn’t always have to be a chore, so Drake winds down with some backyard bball with his woes:

Upper-body strength doesn’t create itself, so sometimes Drake focuses on bench pressing—with a spotter, of course!


Sometimes, when he’s up for a challenge, the kid fits in a quick shootout with his buddy Drogba:


It’s hard to find time for cardio when you’re a man on the go, so sometimes he’ll get from show to show by mountain bike:

Partner stretches are a good way for you and your fit friends to keep each other motivated:


One of the hottest fitness trends of the past few years is cardio pole dancing, which Drake is on top of:

Even watersports can be a fun and carefree way to stay fit:


You see, Drake knows the secret to fitness is not just in the gym. With a busy schedule touring and recording and maintaining rabid interest in every single sport and team, it can be hard to find time for a workout. But that hasn’t stopped Drake at all. He has the bod of a god. A 6 God, if you will.