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The New York Times buries the lede in this Men’s Style piece: there are people out here getting a haircut every week. Are they Chia Pets? What even pops up in the interim?

A casual poll of Deadspinners yielded an average of seven weeks between haircuts, so we shaggy blog-folk lag behind the three-to-six week regimen set by the Gray Lady and her urbane readers. Oddly, the article seems to take as axiom that people look best immediately after a haircut, when really most post-haircut people look overly manicured hedges, or startled, newly shorn sheep. One oft-photographed fashion man, Nick Wooster, revealed that he gets a haircut maybe every 10 days, and prefers a day-of cut when posing for cameras. It works best for his particularly severe hairstyle—and perhaps for anyone who gets the haircut described as “the prevailing Brooklyn do—tight on the sides with some length on top.”

It seems most regular haircuts, the kind that appear outside of fashion blogs, take a week or two to hit the sweet spot, as the lines get a little softer and look more natural. Your feelings on this may hinge on whether you see haircut as ostentation or continuation—an opportunity to flash brand-new head shape, or just imperceptibly trim your previous look. As someone who dillydallies long enough between haircuts that each one feels like a 4-pound loss, I’m probably in no place to criticize.