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It’s Time We Talked About The Gawker Sale

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For over a year, we at Deadspin have remained fairly quiet about the insane story consuming our parent company, Gawker Media. But while the Hulk Hogan verdict is being appealed and this company is being put up for sale (***flashes bare leg at Mark Cuban***), I think it’s time that we talked openly and honestly but with GREAT LEGAL CAUTION about everything leading up to last Friday’s announcement. That is the subject of this very special Deadcast.


You may have questions about whether or not this site will continue (it will), and who plans on buying us (Donald Sterling?), and whether or not our new ownership will finally help rid us of Kevin Draper (fingers crossed!). We’ll try to answer all those questions, without talking out of turn and somehow getting this company in deeper shit. We’ll also yak about the cock-punchy NBA Finals.

If you have any tips you’d like to submit the podcast, or you would like to buy us, just email to with the subject line DEADCAST. You can listen to the show here or download it over at the iTunes store.

Drew Magary is a Deadspin columnist and columnist for GEN magazine. You can buy Drew's second novel, The Hike, through here.

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