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It's Good To Embarrass Your Kids

What good is having kids if you can’t embarrass them? This great mom, who did the same dance at 32 places across Disneyland, totally gets it. Her kids are over it, and she’s loving it, and so am I.

This video is great on a number of levels: First, the dance never goes along with any music. Also, I have no idea if this is an actual Disney dance, or if it’s something she made up on her own, but either way, great. Mom pops off a pretty strong single pirouette across various theme-park terrains while wearing Keens, and that in and of itself is admirable. She never gives up on the routine, either, despite rabid Disney park crowds and two very embarrassed kids. You see just how over Mom’s shtick they are around the 38-second mark, but Mom does not give one single shit. That is a good mom right there. Some creative video editing didn’t hurt, either.

My own mother and yours are likely off somewhere being embarrassing right now. Maybe they’re together! Dancing poorly in a theme park! Oh, God. But I think embarrassing your kids is a good way to mold them into adults that don’t care what other people think. What can harm you if your mom already did some silly little dance in front of thousands of people in line for the “It’s a Small World” Ride? Good mom.

Thanks Lindsey!

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