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Laundry School Class Of '17 Is Now In Session

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It’s back-to-school time, Clean Person-style!


Before I get into the show notes for this year’s Laundry School kick-off, I want to let you know that there are listener updates from Ep80 and Ep84 at the end of the episode, one of which may be difficult for many of you to hear. If you would prefer to skip over that part, either because hearing a sad story won’t be appropriate for you, or because listening to me cry is going to make you want to punch a hole in the wall, the timecode for that section starts at the 25-minute mark and ends at 30:50. I really wish I could have not cried on mic, but I did, because I’m A Cryer. On the bright side, from now on we can refer to this as the Brian’s Song of the Cleancast like the sporting bros we are.

Here’s what I covered in this, my 85th episode:

  • An overview of the 2017 Laundry School curriculum;
  • What to do about a smell in otherwise clean clothes that will just not go away;
  • The best practices for using white vinegar to remove malodor from laundry;
  • Tips and tricks for quickly breaking in clothes so they look and feel like you’ve owned them for years;
  • What to do about mystery stains—when you don’t know where the stain came from, you don’t know what caused it—and how to think about the options you have for treating them.

Here’s a link to that roundup of storm and flood cleanup tips I mentioned at the top of the episode.


And here’s the link to the American Brain Tumor Association that Suzy asked that I share with you.


Over in the bonus episode, I’ve got the MOST INCREDIBLE, LIKE ALL-CAPS INCREDIBLE, OH MAN SO INCREDIBLE THAT THE HULK HAS NOTHING ON IT, hockey cleaning story that a listener sent me. It’s, like, longform. Just ... you must go listen. God bless, I love and appreciate you guys so much, you are better to me than I deserve. Now, please go give the filthiest hockey player in your life an extra big hug.

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