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This week, a Deadcast listener sent in a question about using the word “porn” versus the word “porno.” And even though NO ONE uses the term “porno” anymore except old bros like me who pine for the porno-y days of the 1980s, I am of the firm belief that those two words do NOT mean the same thing, and that is the subject of this week’s DEADCAST.

There’s more. By now, you know that our Tim Marchman has genuinely appalling takes about air conditioning, cereal, and life in general. And the worst thing about these takes is that he actually believes them. Well, wait until you get a load of his truly horrifying takes on prestige television. I would explain it in greater detail, but that would cause me actual physical pain. Plus we talk about cream cheese, proper hugging technique, beer cans, Kobe, and more random garbage.

If you have any tips you’d like to submit the podcast, just send it in to with the subject line DEADCAST. You can listen to the show here or download it over at the iTunes store.

Drew Magary is a Deadspin columnist and columnist for GEN magazine. You can buy Drew's second novel, The Hike, through here.

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