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Look Like Yeezy On A Budget

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Even if you watched Kanye West’s livestream release of The Life of Pablo just to hear the music, you were confronted with the throng of models sulking in drapey earth tones, like they were rummaging for scrap in a post-apocalyptic desert and just stumbled into Madison Square Garden. That’s the general theme of Kanye West’s first three collections for his Yeezy label. It does not come cheap: $2,600 for this moth-eaten sweater. If you want to emulate this loungey Tatooine scavenger look on a budget, however, you should check out Zara’s new collection, which, as many have noted by now, bears a suspicious resemblance to Kanye’s apparel. You can even rock it without turning too many heads, since it’s a slightly diluted, regular-dude dilution of Yeezy’s vision, though you’ll still see some relatively out-there touches like super-low crotches and billowy past-the-elbow Gandalf sleeves.

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Kanye has talked a big game about democratizing his fashion sensibilities, but so far Zara has done a much better job of delivering on that promise, if sneakily—they aped his Boost sneakers a few months ago, and now there’s this “Streetwise Collection.” One can only wonder if the man was flattered or incensed. Maybe this the nudge he needs to price future collections more affordably? But until then all you need to do is hit up your nearest strip mall, and you too can look like a swaggy burlap sack.

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