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Oh, You Went To Iceland? Amazing.

Photo credit: Frank Augstein/AP

Ever noticed how basically every motherfucker you know has been or is going to Iceland?

Your college friend: “Oh yeah, I’m going to Iceland in June. You wouldn’t believe how cheap the airfare is!”


Your co-worker: “This is a little weird, but we actually went to Iceland for our honeymoon.”

Your other co-worker: “Are you thinking of going to Europe? Well, you know what you should do? You should stop in Iceland and spend a night or two there. You can get a great package deal!”

Your roommate: “Iceland is great because it feels like a you’re on a glamorous European vacation, but it doesn’t cost nearly as much. And there’s a volcano!”

Someone you just started dating [while perfectly pronouncing “Reykjavík”]: “Reykjavík is so, so pretty in the spring.”


Your waiter: “You have to know how to drive stick, because all the rental cars are manual transmission, and most of the roads in the highlands are unpaved, but if you don’t drive the Ring Road you might as well not even be in Iceland.”

Your mom: “You won’t believe this, but your father and I are thinking of going to Iceland this year. The tickets are practically free!”


What does Iceland even have? Well, according to literally every person I’ve ever met in my whole damn life, Iceland has: volcanoes, waterfalls, one (1) good city, subpar cuisine, some type of aurora borealis deal, hot springs, and some animals.

Do you know what other place has most of those things? Wyoming. Do you know anyone going to Wyoming? I thought not.


I’m forced to ask: Are we so basic as to allow our vacation plans to be determined by one airline’s targeted ad campaign? Apparently! Either way, I think it’s safe to say that we are all aware of the fact that Iceland is a fun and affordable travel destination replete with “quaint” and “charming” experiences. We as a society know this. Please keep all future comments about cheap airfare and volcanoes to yourself.

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