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Only An Idiot Would Buy A $600 Sweatshirt

Who was it that first said, “It takes a lot of money to look this cheap?” Well, according to Bieber Clothing Tumblr, a site for teens dedicated to fashion worn by this particular emotional teen, Justin Bieber spent $600 on the following sweatshirt; one that looks like something he picked up at Goodwill to bedazzle in crafting class.


Fucking hell!

The clothing item in question is the R13 Layered-Look Front Zip Hoodie. Barney’s carries it, but don’t bother. For that very price you could buy at least 10 perfectly good sweatshirts for you and your friends. You could all get matching hoodies and become a whole sweatshirt squad. Hell, you could do things like paying your bills to taking yourself on a nice little trip to Colombia, a wonderful place for which direct flights usually run between five and six hundred dollars. There are so many things you could do with $600 that does not involve looking like an idiot.

[h/t The Cut]

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