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Apparently many of the youths are very excited about a “solar eclipse” today. The moon’s transit will carry it directly between the sun and the earth in the skies over the United States, where, along a certain corridor of geography, it will obscure the sun’s rays completely for a little while. I suppose the millennials think this is “cool” or “novel” or “possibly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Well I the hell don’t! You want to see a celestial body blocking your view of the sun’s radiant light? Go outside at night and look down at the ground. Ooooh, look, it’s a solar eclipse! A wandering planet has slipped between you and the sun! Better not look directly at it, or you’ll go blind!


You know, maybe this sort of thing isn’t hip to say nowadays, but as far as I am concerned the special thing you do during the daytime is your dang job. I’ll get excited about the moon and the sun when they publish some damn blogs on this website. Until then, they can go to hell!

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