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This week in the presidential election cycle, the Republican field narrowed to a guy who does a bad thing with his lips, a guy scary enough that I no longer like joking about him, and a guy who digs Linkin Park. Even if these primaries have you surveying the scorched landscape and abandoning hope altogether, we want to offer a gentle reminder that you are adequate, and you can still vote, and you should. Let this website hold your hand through the process.

Scroll all the way down here to figure out when your state’s primary takes place. Registration deadlines vary by state, but they tend to be 15 to 30 days before the election. In the next three weeks, we’ve got primaries in Arizona, Utah, and Wisconsin, and Democratic caucuses in Idaho, Hawaii, and Washington. Vote in one of those, if you are able, or just make sure you’re all set to vote in November. And when the time comes, do that.


Meanwhile, if everything still looks bleak, just remember that our country was symbolically reborn today. If we cannot have faith in our future leaders, we can at least have faith in weird allegories and these cute lil eaglets.

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