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Illustration for article titled Poll: Would You Have Sex With This Talking Sex Robot?

Sex is better when both people are having a good time, even when one of those people is a robot. So the next logical step there is that someone is building a sentient sex robot. Okay! It’s the future, and you’re now faced with a question: Would you do it with this hot bot? There are many possible answers, but only one real answer.

The Times did up a little documentary on these things, which are the sexy brainchildren (ew) of Matt McMullen, a true pioneer and creator of Real Dolls. Real Dolls, for the uninitiated/pure of mind, are sex dolls that look and feel like real human women. They cost upwards of $10,000, and you can customize everything from hair color to body type to skin color and beyond. That, and she’ll never talk back!! The future sucks, and I hate it. So now, McMullen, who describes himself as an artist driven to make art (but by “art,” he means “sex robots”), is taking it a step further and making the dolls act like they like it. Oh baby yeah baby do it faster baby [robot voice].

So, would you bang one of these robots?

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