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On this week’s Deadcast, Marchman and I dive into the surprisingly blame-free death of Harambe the Gorilla. I searched all week for a decent gorilla take, and there was none to be had. If anything, THAT is the real tragedy of all this. I guess the only real lesson is to avoid zoos because they’re hot and smelly and require too much walking.

But we’ve got more. Fulfilling the promise of yesterday’s Hater’s Guide to the NBA Finals, Cavs guard and lob historian Matthew Dellavedova got caught last night tagging poor Andre Iguodala right in his little warriors. Is Delly a conniving cheap shot artist, or is that too generous of an insult for him? Is this Australian work exchange program gone wrong, in fact, a horrible spazz whose dirty play is simply the result of random flailing? We also talk about bitter Sonics fans, porn in bars, Doritos, fan combinations, and Moonwalking the base paths.


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