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If you’re a believer in video-as-therapy and you possess a Netflix account or the log-in of a very distant relation, Bob Ross is now there waiting for you. The streaming service just added his Beauty is Everywhere series—though he’s best known for the PBS series The Joy of Painting—wherein viewers are soothed by his steady fro, easy brushstrokes, and speaking voice so hushed it sounds conspiratorial. (It’s a really benevolent and gentle eco-conspiracy, like sneaking into private property to plant herbs and wildflowers under the cover of night.)

At the start of every single episode you can perfectly envision the style of the end product—motel lobby art—and yet that predictability only enhances its calming effect. Ross has that fuzzed-out, public broadcasting nostalgia value. (All the better if you claim to enjoy ASMR.) Hunker down by this Lazy River and let it wash away whatever ails you.


I should mention that this series features his pet pocket squirrel, Peapod.

Image via YouTube

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