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Tattoos Are Great But Kinda Gory, Yeah?

Photo: Omer Messinger/Getty
Photo: Omer Messinger/Getty

This is your post-tattoo cleanup guide.


Here’s what I covered in this, my 81st episode:

  • How to clean up fresh tattoo ink when it gets on clothes and sheets;
  • What to do about ointment that leeches onto clothes, causing greasy staining;
  • Dealing with the fallout from unicorn dye on pillowcases and clothes (I just threw that in because my hair is pink rn);
  • Lots and lots and lots of Cleancast updates!

Ummmmm but here’s one thing I TOTALLY FORGOT to address: Blood. Yup, smahtie pants over here completely left out the blood stain removal instructions from her tattoo cleanup ep. Good job, Joles!

Of course, my archives run deep, so here you go:

Over in the bonus episode, I’ve got some other work-related updates to fill my premium subscribers in on. Lots of fun stuff a’brewin’ in Clean Person-land. Also, if you guys have guest co-hosts you’d like to hear on the show, please let me know in the comments. Favorite Deadspinners, folks from the other GMG sites (Jalopnik joins next week!), athletes, authors, other podcasters you love — I’m all ears!

Speaking of the comments, you wanna show off your tattoos? I’d love to see ‘em. I know I said I would, but ultimately, I decided not to share a photo of my new tattoo. I dunno, I guess right now I want it just for myself. Maybe down the line, because damn, it’s wicked cute. However, I got this way more significant shot of me gnawing on a Slim Jim post-inking that’s honestly so much better.


Most importantly, let’s all agree to listen to “Thunderstruck” together for the rest of the summer.

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Jolie Kerr is a cleaning expert, advice columnist and the host of the podcast Ask a Clean Person