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What Do You Put On Your Hot Dogs?

Photo credit:  Luke Sharrett/Getty Images
Photo credit:  Luke Sharrett/Getty Images

It’s beer and hot dog time on Ask a Clean Person: The Podcast!


Since it’s July, which is, like, peak beer and hot dog season, I figured I’d devote an entire episode to those things. Because beer and hot dogs can for sure make a mess.

In the first segment, I’ve got two kind of offbeat questions about beer. They’re things that probably won’t be super relevant to most of your lives, but they’re kind of interesting problems. (Plus, July, am I right??)

Here’s an overview of what I covered, in this, my 79th episode:

  • How to clean a growler;
  • Salvaging an oak barrel that stinks of beer so it can become a cocktail table;
  • Deep thoughts on TSP (trisodium phosphate);
  • Beer stain removal tips;
  • What to do when a condiment spills on your clothes, regardless of whether it’s mustard, ketchup, Sriracha or relish;
  • Treating mustard stains specifically, which are, full disclosure, a real bitch to deal with.

Question for the class: Do you guys have any ideas for the dude with the oak barrel beyond what I came up with? (Please listen to the episode first!)

More important question for the class: What are you all putting on your hot dogs. Let’s argue, I’m in a fighting mood. I’m mustard and relish and I will cut anyone who maligns the good name of relish. But I’m also willing to branch out, so talk toppings to me.


Over in the bonus episode, New York Magazine’s Maureen O’Connor joins us for Part 2 of the super-sized bonus ep we recorded with her at the beginning of July. We posed a crucial question to Maureen: What would you do if you had a dick for a day? Oh man, her answers were great. And because fair is fair, we also asked Dave what he would do if he had a vagina for a day. His answers were also great, no joke. We also touched on glitter vaginas and night terrors. Those two topics were unrelated, somehow.

One last question for the class: I’m gauging interest in a live event for Episode 101 in mid-January. Would you take my poll? Thank you, pals!


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Jolie Kerr is a cleaning expert, advice columnist and the host of the podcast Ask a Clean Person