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What To Do When Everything Smells Like Smoke

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On this episode of the official Ask a Clean Person podcast, hockey writer and newly anointed odor expert Dave Lozo joined me once again to talk about smells—this time, smoke smell from cigarettes, cigars, cloves, and marijuana. We tried to hit the topic from all angles, providing guidance on how to get the stench out of your clothes, your home, and your car.

Dave and I also used our best sultry voices while discussing dipping ourselves in barbecue sauce—but to find out why we were doing such a thing, you’ll have to give the episode a listen! You can do that here or over at iTunes, where you can also subscribe.

Are you interested in trying out that active-charcoal odor-eliminator I mentioned in this episode? The company that makes it is called Innofresh, and they’re offering Ask a Clean Person readers/listeners a 20-percent discount if you use the code joliecleanperson at checkout.


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