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What's The Worst Food You've Spilled In Your Car?

Photo: Tim Boyle/Getty Images
Photo: Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Can you top a foil pan full of baked beans spilling in a minivan?


Team Jalopnik—Kristen Lee, Mike Ballaban, and Raph Orlove—cruised by to talk literal turkey. Raph opened the show by explaining the tie-in between Thanksgiving, fowl, and U.S. automotive regulatory history. Never let it be said that I don’t get weird on this show. Also, I’m writing a monthly column for Jalopnik, so if you have car-cleaning questions, send them my way!

Here’s what we covered in my 96th episode:

  • Raph’s fascinating laundry experience washing his fireproof suit for the first time;
  • Then, he and I teamed up to provide the dos and don’ts of washing a fireproof suit;
  • A note on detergents and sensitive skin;
  • I swear we talked about cars;
  • What to do about a car door handle that’s gone sticky;
  • The best methods for transporting food in a car;
  • How to remove a turkey gravy stain from a car seat;
  • What to do when lingering food odors overtake your car’s interior.

We spent most of the episode talking about food disasters in cars. My listeners have had a lot of them! Tell us about what you’ve spilled in your cars, because it’s hilarious and makes Kristen and Ballaban so upset.


Over in the supersized bonus episode, Mike and Raph, who are back from filming Car vs. America, regaled us with stories about filming, their bad hair, and all the great stuff that got left on the cutting room floor, including a visit to a see a car enthusiast to end all car enthusiasts in West Virginia named Gary Duncan.

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Jolie Kerr is a cleaning expert, advice columnist and the host of the podcast Ask a Clean Person

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