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Your Weed Butter Recipes Are Awesome, And So Are You

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Hot damn, that is one sexy motherfucking weed pie.

The response to our weed butter recipe was incredible! In the spirit of sharing, we’re puff-puff-passing along the best of your edibles recipes and tips for making even better pot butter. Before we do, however, let’s all stand and give erin_go_braless an enormous round of applause for her chicken “pot” pie, pictured above. That is artistry right there, people.


Reader Bruce writes via email:

Cannabis and coffee, could there be a better match up? I’m an old time toker started in 1970. I quit smoking cigarette when I was 12, and found smoking pot tends to irritate my lungs. Eatables are OK, but I’m cheep and lazy, so here it goes. Using an espresso machine, crumble up a hit-size bud in the bottom of the espresso filter cup. Fill all but a ¼ inch from the top with ground espresso, top off with a pat of butter (cannabinoids are not very soluble in water, but butter works fine), and add sugar and cream or whatever is to your taste (you’ll lightly taste the pot). Using a spoon or fork handle, remove all but the bottom ¼-inch of the the used espresso from the bottom of the espresso filter cup, add more fresh espresso, and make another cup. You’ll get high on this one also. Like I said, I’m cheap.

Many of you have other inventive ways of incorporating pot into your edibles.


Lavender rosewater marijuana shortbread. One of my signature cookies. I’ve been told they’re better with the added specialness than without; it adds a hint of saltiness that balances out all the sweet.


I made weed butter quite often in college. My best creation was making hot wings with weed butter. And melting weed butter, then dipping crab legs in said butter. We called them “Heddy Weed Butter Crab Legs.”

The weed wings were incredible.

Keva Rosenberg

I used to make oatmeal scotchies and give them to the refs in my hockey beer league. They loved me.



Rice Krispie Treats are a great vehicle.


Recipe? Nah. I go for more of a purist-type weed snack. Toast. Buttered generously with pot butter. Which led to a night in which my butter buddy and I brought another friend over after a night of drinking and he tried to turn down the toast! Always accept the toast.



I always add water—when you put everything into a container into the fridge, the butter hardens and you can pour off the unwanted juice. It makes it much easier to deal with since the butter stays towards the top of the container.

I did a pasta carbonara once with my butter and it was divine. Just toss it on the pasta before you add the sauce. Perfect!



I’ve used oil for years—just use an old pan on low heat for hours on a stove top and strain. Recently spent the $10 for the mini crock just for this reason, and it works great. Just buy the boxed brownie mix that calls for the most oil, Betty Crocker I think I usually use. Calls for 2/3 cup, so use 1 full cup, and by the time you strain it it will be about right, or you’ll have a bit extra.

I ventured into making candy recently with corn syrup, orange flavoring, and color. I actually made it with a basic candy recipe, only to find out (or realize, I remembered that once I started the boil) you’re not supposed to boil it. However, it still worked really well, and I’m guessing its because I used the crock pot to heat the corn syrup/duff mixture for so long. Maybe that’s why the boil didn’t kill it. I even put the candy into a mini ice tray to make neat candies. All the candy recipes call for making a butter first and then concoct the candy somehow after, which all seemed like a pain for every recipe I looked up. I may just do it my way again the next time. We just got sick of brownies all the time, and the idea of savory food doesn’t work for me.



Depending on how adequate your tools of the trade may be, if you are vaporizing plant matter, the leftover toasted plant matter has been decarbed, so it’s edible and somewhat potent with no additional effort. Personally, I run it through a spice grinder (one of those coffee ones works just fine) and add them to these no-cook granola thingies, which have enough flavors to mask the taste of the marijuana dust that you’ve added to them. I also like to roll them in powdered sugar for presentation. It’s also adequate if you just sprinkle the duff on a spoonful of peanut butter and eat it, but that’s less delicious and less portable.


Your Tips & Tricks

  • A bunch of you mentioned the importance of decarbing to increase the potency of your butter or oil.
  • Use your ABV (Already Been Vaped) weed for butter! Much discussion here, and isner-mahut helpfully provides some measurements: “I use about 1.5 cups of ABV/4 sticks butter (rough estimate). Dump it in the crock pot and let it cook for 12 hours, then strain through a nut milk bag. Butter once cool ends up medium/dark green.” DogRidingRodeoMoney adds a few more points to the vaping/decarbing discussion.
  • Mister McGibblets offered a different take on determining the ratio of weed to use for butter: “The better way to think about it is to think about the final product. How many brownies/cookies/whatever (servings) will you be making? How fucked up do you want each serving to get you? My general rule is .5g herb per serving.”
  • People asked about the smell issues that go along with pot butter production; Gail-Babiek cooks onions and bread to mask the smell of cannabutter production, whereas mygrammarsuckstoo suggests using coconut oil instead of butter, which will reduce the smell. (A great deal of you are using oils instead of butter, in fact! Higher smoke point, makes total sense.)
  • The use of a doubler boiler is another technique that I should have mentioned in the original post that many of you piped up to suggest. Thank you!
  • Speaking of other techniques! Gronkboner69 [suppresses giggle] is doing some next-level shit in his kitchen/lab: “Amateurs! Use your Sous Vide (which you have, right? You should have an immersion sous vide machine, full stop. If you can afford ounces of weed at a time, you can afford a sous vide). Put the butter (solid) and shake/kindness into the bag, vac-pack it, and put it in your water bath at a 95C setting. Go do literally anything else for a few hours, no fewer than 2 no more than 20. Come home and you’ve got perfect cannabutter. (Strain as desired).”
  • Finally, macaaron pours pot butter into ice cube trays for perfect two-tablespoon portions.

Jolie Kerr is the author of the book My Boyfriend Barfed in My Handbag … And Other Things You Can’t Ask Martha (Plume); she can be found on Twitter, Kinja, and Tumblr.


Photo by erin_go_braless.

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